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"RSSI_CONFIG" option

Characteristics of "RSSI" reading filtration

RSSI is an indicator of the strength of the radio signal of a tag received by an RFID reader.

RSSI filtering verifies the tag response level. If it is lower than the one set in the filter, the tag will not be sent to the host.

The option also includes an attribute that allows the tag data to be sent only after the RFID reader has obtained a specified number of tag readings.

This option is configured in the " RSSI_CONFIG; " line.

It consists of three attributes that must be separated by the " : " character.


The first attribute is responsible for setting the RSSI filter activity.

The second attribute is responsible for verifying the tag response level (unit is dBm). If it is lower than the one set in the filter, the tag will not be sent to the host. In the case of the set to value on -99 or less, the filter will automatically be disabled.

The third attribute is responsible for determining the number of readings of the tag after which it can be sent. If the read tag meets the response level condition (attribute 2) and the number of tag reads exceeds the required number, the tag will be sent.



The option configured in this way says:



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